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In an increasingly complex global legal environment, corporations and institutions look to Black & Gerngross attorneys to help them ensure that their conduct and practices are above reproach from a legal, ethical and commercial perspective.


Formation • Governance • Acquisition and Sale • Contracts

Past and present client matters include representation of:

  • Clients in the negotiation and formation of business entities such as corporations, both public and privately held, partnerships, professional corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships, joint ventures and sole proprietorships and the review and preparation of documents, agreements and filings necessary to effectuate the formation of the business entity
  • Business entities in matters involving the governance, operation and dissolution of the entities
  • The Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of a publicly held financial institution in matters involving allegations of financial misconduct against officers
  • The Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors of a public corporation involving compensation, benefit, severance, bonus issues including the negotiation and drafting of Employment Agreements
  • Business entities in the acquisition of other business entities, their assets or ongoing operations, the sale of some or all of the business entities’ stock, assets or operations, and their merger with other business entities
  • Business entities in the negotiation, review and preparation of contracts with third parties such as vendors, licensors/licensees, brokers, agents, independent contractors and consultants with respect to the entities’ operations
  • Business entities and individuals in the negotiation, review and preparation of contracts arising from the employment relationship such as employment agreements, profit sharing agreements, restrictive covenants, confidentiality agreements and severance agreements
  • Business entities in the preparation and implementation of internal operating manuals and procedures such as employee handbooks and manuals and other policies, procedures and manuals relating to the employment relationship