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Corporate • Institutional • Criminal • NCAA • Due Diligence • Compliance

Black & Gerngross attorneys use their tenacity, practicality and professionalism to give guidance to clients in several areas requiring investigations of possible criminal, regulatory and crisis misconduct.   Often working closely with colleagues across the spectrum of disciplines, including forensic accounting, cyber and information technology, and behavioral investigation and surveillance, Black & Gerngross attorneys assist regulatory authorities, institutions, and businesses to assure and determine that subjects have comported themselves with the required standards of  legal and ethical propriety.  

Past and present client matters include representation of:

  • Corporations, business entities, and public and private institutions, including colleges and universities, in the investigation, defense, and prosecution of matters involving allegations of retaliation and discrimination, criminal and civil wrongdoing including assault, theft and fraud, and civil rights violations
  • Publicly traded corporation in cybersecurity evaluation and threat assessment following breach
  • Colleges and universities in the investigation of matters arising from the receipt, administration, and disbursement of federal funds under Title IV HEA Programs, including matters implicating the reporting requirements to the Department of Education, Office of Inspector General, under Section 668.16(g)
  • Court-appointed Monitor in investigation of government agency in areas of sexual discrimination and sexual misconduct
  • Individuals and business entities in response to federal and state grand jury investigation subpoenas
  • Assistance and support to the United States Department of Justice in prosecuting criminal forfeiture actions to recover stolen assets involved in criminal conspiracies and money laundering activities
  • Assistance and support to state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the United States Department of Justice in investigating and referring matters involving white collar criminal activity
  • NCAA member institutions in the investigation of matters involving NCAA Constitution and Bylaws infractions and compliance
  • Colleges and universities in the investigation and coordination of matters that may implicate institutional liability under several federal or state laws that impose civil or criminal liability for discrimination, fraud, assault, the receipt, administration or disbursement of federal funds, infractions and compliance with NCAA Constitution and Bylaws and Cleary Act reporting including any associated liability arising from retaliatory action or the duty to self-report
  • Corporations and business entities in investigating and performing litigation analysis to assist them in performing due diligence evaluations
  • Special committees of the Board of Directors, including Audit Committees, to investigate allegations of officer misconduct and self-dealing
  • Corporate and institutional employers in the investigation and evaluation of internal policies and procedures to determine compliance with federal and state laws and regulations
  • NCAA member institutions in infraction and compliance matters